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What our members are saying about us

"We have had several students find us through Yoga Alliance Professionals -  several in the last week"

Emma Charvet/Children's Yoga Tree, Yoga Trainer
May 2020

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"I can honestly say I am so overwhelmed with the support from YAP - thank you. Very best wishes to all of YAP and take care...I would also like to take this opportunity to thank YAP for ALL your emails/posts and support. I think it is absolutely incredible how the company are practising together in the mornings. I remember seeing a post about this and an image of some of you all on Zoom! It completely explains why the company works so well and why the customer support is so incredible. "

Emma McGuiness, Yoga Teacher
April 2020

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"It is really beneficial to establish a community of teachers that can get together to have useful discussions. Louisa Craig was a warm and welcoming host and allowed us the opportunity to discuss several different topics while holding the space for us. It was good to have structured questions there so that there was a format to the meeting" (About our teacher meet-ups)
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Jennifer McLoughlin, Trainee
February 2020

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"The badge means so much more, the world of yoga has several alliances, wheels, and federations. 'YAP' set high standards and that differentiates them from other organizations. For example, they believe that 'Teacher Trainer' requires, time, wisdom, and knowledge, and that can only be attained through experience."

Wayne Léal, Senior Yoga Teacher
January 2020

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"I just want to say thank you for your responses to my queries. I have gained a lot of information from yourselves particularly the video on becoming a yoga teacher. I'm a lot clearer now on the steps I shall be taking. Carry on the fabulous work it really is fantastic. I look forward to being in touch in the future. Hopefully as a teacher in training! "
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Chilala Klindt, Practitioner
January 2020

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"Thank you for all your help I really appreciate it. I have no hesitation in recommending Yoga Alliance Professionals to my fellow students ..... Blessings Kay"

Kay O'Sullivan, Yoga Teacher
January 2020

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"Amrita is THE yoga industry's publication for professionals and the public."

Yasmin Zaman, Senior Yoga Teacher
October 2018

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"I wanted to say a big thank you to you and the team there at Yoga Alliance Professionals. When ever I have called I have always been able to speak to a real person which is so refreshing. Everyone has always been extremely friendly and helpful. It makes me feel part of an organisation even though I run my small business by myself. So a big thank you to you all!"

Rashmita Pankhania, Yoga Teacher
December 2019

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"Thank you again for all the support Yoga Alliance Professionals offers...In the unregulated world of yoga it is nice to have someone like Yoga Alliance Professionals that recognises the yoga teachers who consciously strive to bring the best to their students from all backgrounds"

Maria Jones-2

Maria Jones, Yoga Teacher
October 2019

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"Your Yoga Hub page is definitely a step forward for yoga schools all over the world. It is a pleasure to be associated with you all."

Sampoorna Yoga Shala, Yoga Trainer
May 2019

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"I am delighted we are getting more leads that I am able to respond to, thank you so much."

Evolve Yoga, Approved Trainer
April 2019

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"I appreciate everything that YAP have done for me.  Right from the start of designing and registering the course to  helping promote the course and generate leads. YAP have kept me on track and responded to my communications very efficiently. As I get closer to the start date it is reassuring to know that support is there. "

Lesley Doveton, Senior Yoga Teacher & Doveton Yoga Training
March 2019

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