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Specialist Teacher Training Course Requirements

These are shorter Teacher Training courses designed for specialist areas of interest.

The original concept of these courses was additional training in a specialist area for existing yoga teachers or short training for those who may have a need to incorporate yoga into their work environment. i.e. school teachers, midwives, doctors etc.

Graduates from these courses can ONLY teach in the specialist area they qualified in. 

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Course Requirements
(Per Syllabus)

  • Minimum 28 contact hours.
  • Cannot exceed 199 hours (this would be a Foundation Course).
  • Must be taught by a Yoga Alliance Professionals registered Senior Yoga Teacher (at least 8 years teaching experience).
  • Event can be added by an Approved Training Provider
  • Course should be advertised on the basis of contact hours.
  • The topics we currently accept are: meditation/mindfulness, sports, pregnancy, kids and teens.

Procedural Requirements

Before we can accredit your Vocational Course with Yoga Alliance Professionals we will need to confirm certain requirements and review your policy documents and syllabus

Trainer Requirements

          • Display your YAP logo on your website and social media.
          • Detail all course syllabi on your website.
          • Add all course dates to your YAP Trainer Profile.
          • Regularly check your Profile for leads.  
          • Show your Trainee Teachers supplied YAP marketing material.
          • Lists of successful graduates must be sent to us within 7 days of the course end date.
          • Use your YAP Trainer Profile to add content, like articles, videos. This increases your profile's SEO ranking.

What To Include In Your Policy Documents
(We can provide examples if needed)

            • Terms & Conditions (include in your T&Cs that you will pass your Graduates contact details to YAP, so we can invite them to join). 
            • Refund Policy.
            • Complaints Procedure.
            • Code of Conduct.
            • Provide Evidence of Corporate Insurance (for UK or Eire only).
            • Add your policy documents onto your website.


How Do I Apply?


Read the points above very carefully, to ensure that you fully understand our requirements.
Make sure that your Senior Yoga Teacher is already registered with YAP. If you're not sure? contact us!
Complete the form at the top of this page to start the trainer sign up process.
Note: There is no guarantee of acceptance and your application fee is non-refundable.



To run a training course you will need to sign up as an Approved Training Provider. Both memberships must agree to our 'Trainer Terms Of Engagement'. Your Membership price and course price is separate, learn more about the fees below.


Approved Training Provider


• Any Business or Brand running or hosting teacher training courses can apply.
• Training Courses can be led by multiple registered Senior Yoga Teachers.
• Separate Trainer Profile Account.
• The Trainer agrees to abide by the ‘Trainer Terms of Engagement’.

Specialist Course

Unlimited Course Syllabi

These course topics currently include:
• Kids Yoga
• Teen Yoga
• Pregnancy Yoga
• Sports Yoga
• Mindfulness / Meditation