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One of the best ways to get involved is to join our teacher community

There are several perks to becoming a member, and the biggest one is standing firm with more than 6,000 other yoga teachers who also believe in maintaining high professional standards in yoga and preserving the Traditional Path.

We want to educate the public and promote teachers who put quality and professionalism at the core of their teachings, we believe we can make a real difference.

Here Are The Two Ways That Can Help You #ExperienceTheDifference:

Join Our Accredited Community
Become a part of a community with other yoga professionals
Enlighten Yourself & Your Students
Access resources about standards and the traditional path

As a yoga teacher, you are at the centre of the movement to make sure the traditional teachings of yoga are not forgotten.

Knowledge and experience are being pushed aside in exchange for look-at-me Instagram posts and for-profit organisations looking to make a quick buck.

Fully embracing yoga isn’t going to be easy: many teachers are not aware of the vast body of knowledge, which makes up yoga.

Enlighten Yourself & Your Students on the Traditional Path

We’ve developed resources to help you and your students learn more about what it means to pursue the Traditional Path

Invest In Training With An Accredited Trainer

One of the key elements of gaining knowledge and experience is to invest in regular further training.

We’ve made teacher badges the focal point of each teacher profile, and these are a fantastic means of showcasing your commitment to further training.

Support trainers that are committed to having all training courses taught by senior yoga teachers by registering with an Accredited Trainer.